Community Leadership Recognition Awards


What Is "Celebrating The Sistas"?

Celebrating the Sistas honors African American women who have and are making positive contributions to their communities. The focus of the event is to recognize women who excel in politics, business, media, social services and education as well as community activism. Celebrating the Sistas also recognizes women who have dedicated themselves towards maintaining healthy families, safe communities and educating our children.  These women deserve ongoing recognition for their efforts.


Why We Celebrate These Women

In previous years Celebrating the Sistas has recognized African American women who have been a driving force for change needed in Twin Cities metro communities. Health and wellness, education advancement through ending the achievement gap, social change and justice, economic and business development are a few areas affected. We celebrate them because they are our mothers, teachers, doctors and nurses, lawyers, physical and spiritual leaders, and our "rocks" in life. Celebrating The Sistas celebrates the women who excel in their arenas.


Participating Helps You Remember, too!

Each one of our yearly awardees deserve to be remembered. Celebrating the Sistas is an event that serves to do just that by recognizing the outstanding contributions that women of color have made in the Twin Cities. While acknowledging obstacles will exist, these women of all ages and backgrounds have unique gifts and talents that we can recognize, admire and, ultimately remember. You won't want to miss this exciting event where someone you know may be a recipient of this extraordinary award.


2019 Awards Highlights